What is the vision behind the Jerusalem Coffee House in Oakland?

Jerusalem Coffee House came out of a desire to create a cultural hub and haven in the spirit of the traditional coffee house—where Palestinian culture can seamlessly merge with elements cherished by local cultures, and where revolutionary thought and community can come together in an unassuming environment, in order to cultivate change in societies. 

We imagined this gathering place to be centered around a cup of specialty coffee, infused with unique ingredients native to Palestinian culture, served alongside authentic cuisine that captures the flavors of our homeland.

What is offered on the Jerusalem Coffee House menu?

We offer an original menu of coffee drinks, teas and foods, inspired by the aromatic spices and flavors deeply-rooted in Palestinian cuisine and curated in-house. We use organic, non-GMO ingredients, many of which are homemade by the founder and his mother. These beverages symbolize our commitment to preserving tradition and Palestinian culture. See our menu for current offerings.

Are there any specialty menu items, unique to Jerusalem Coffee House?

All of our drinks are our original recipes, but two of the more unusual flavors are the Date Tahini Latte and Bebsi. The Date Tahini Latte comprises an unlikely pairing of flavors that represent centuries of food indigenous to the Holy Land – Dates, and Tahini. In Bebsi, we combine the fizziness of carbonated water with the richness of espresso, and then infuse the mixture with cardamom, creating something reminiscent of a refreshing soda. While honoring the linguistic tradition of our ancestors.

Does Jerusalem Coffee House host cultural events or programs?

We offer multiple programs that serve part of our mission to provide an opportunity for the community to come together and build and grow with each other. We collaborate with local artists and musicians in our space; we’ve spearheaded a trauma-informed self-defense class for women; and we’re developing a re-entry program, for starters.