Coffee, a beverage cherished by many, holds a rich and mystical past. Its origins trace back to the Arabic word “Qahwa,” signifying more than just a drink. Within the annals of history lies an enchanting tale of Ali Ibn Omar Al-Shadhili, a Sufi mystic whose devotion birthed the elixir that transformed nights and communities alike.

In the 15th century Yemen, legend whispers of Al-Shadhili embarking on an alchemical endeavor with coffee beans and boiling water, birthing an elixir as potent as his devotion. This elixir allowed him to navigate the silent realms, seeking communion with The Creator.

The elixir’s potency didn’t just end with spiritual connections; it brewed conversations that spurred revolutions in Yemen. Coffee houses became centers for dialogue, challenging norms, and pushing the boundaries of societal conversations.

Jerusalem Coffee House, nestled in Oakland, mirrors this rich historical journey. Our space, akin to the ancient Yemeni coffee houses, embodies the spiritual, the potent, and the audacious. With each cup brewed, we aim to transport you through time, allowing you to taste the echoes of tradition and spirituality in every sip.

We invite you to journey with us and experience this historical odyssey. Visit Jerusalem Coffee House, where history, spirituality, and community converge in the aroma and taste of our coffee.

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